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Our Champagne House owns about ten hectares of vineyard, which corresponds, throughout the year, to a distance of 100 kilometres for the variety of work done on the vines.

La taille

January - February - March - April - Pruning
This is the longest of the vineyard operations and takes place from January to March. The number of fruiting buds retained is determined in advance, depending on the method of pruning and regulations. Pruning is done with manual pruning shears or with an electric tool in the case of thick vines.

Le liage

January - February - March - April - Tying
The fruit-bearing canes, cut in advance, are positioned and attached to wires with a tie (paper string) before the vegetation begins.

La Plantation

April - May - Planting
Planting is governed by very strict regulations. The density of an average plantation is of about 8000 vines per hectare. The objective of this set limit is quality of the grapes. The first harvest will only take place from the third year onwards.


April - May - Disbudding
This consists of eliminating the excess or non-fruit-bearing buds at the bottom of the vine material during the month of May.

Le relevage

May - June - Wire lifting
Carried out as soon as the vine has grown 8 to 10 leaves. This operation consists of raising the wires (2 wires) in order to avoid the fall of the stems. A second wire lifting is carried out when the vine possesses 12 to 15 leaves.


May - June - Flowering
Flowering occurs between the first and second lifting and we consider that harvest will take place an estimated 90 days later.


May - June - Trellising
The branches of the vines must be disciplined, in order to aerate the foliage and allow the plant to capture as much sunlight as possible. They are therefore held vertically and separated between the two wires by staples.


June - July - August - Trimming
This operation consists of eliminating the excess foliage in order to encourage fruitage and to give the leaves the amount of sunlight necessary for good ripening.

La Vendange

September - The harvest
The harvest is carried out according to the Champagne tradition. The beginning date varies according to the CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Champagne) directives, and the quotas imposed by the INAO (Institut National d'Appellation d'Origine), all with the greatest possible quality in mind. The grapes are picked by hand on our estate for 15 days.

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